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Thread: Buying A Used K-Series Motor?

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    Buying A Used K-Series Motor?

    Since I am in the market for one, I'd like to get a good list together of what different motors go for pricewise. I'd also like a good 'buying a used k-series motor' checklist for those of us buying used, so we can do our best to make sure the motor doesn't have any surprises. Like compression tests (and different k-series motor compression, like the k20z1 having 155-160 across the board vs a k20a2 having ~210-220).

    I will update this thread, let's keep it short, sweet, and neat.

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    I'll post a story of mine when I get home.

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    When most people buy engines they are building it in the near future. For me I purchases my block and then had it tanked and cleaned up good enough to eat off of. If its still in the car then check compression and mileage. If its on a engine stand turn it over and drop the oil pan and look for metal in the pan and if you are like me I would check bearings while you got the pan off. If I had the money to play with I would go with ERL block since you can get one made to your specs for around 2000 and then all you need is a head. Way cheaper then trying to get a complete k20z3 for 3-4000.


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