Up for sale is my BNIB Turbosmart Hyper 45mm wastegate in black. It was supposed to come fitted with a 3 psi spring, but from a feel test I am certain it is the 7 psi spring, which makes sense because every dealer (aside the one I purchased from) only sells other springs separately and at an additional cost. It also appears as though this was shipped directly from Turbosmart to me, so it makes perfect sense that it has a 7 psi spring in it as that is standard for these gates. I purchased this with the intent of modifying my turbo manifold to fix my creep issues, but the creep went away. The people I bought it from will accept it back within 30 days, but with a 10% restocking fee. I am hoping I can sell it on here before the 30 days is up and save myself a little of the restocking fee, if it doesn't sell in 30 days I will be returning it.

This gate fits all standard 44mm flanges, this includes Tial MVR flanges. In the box is the gate, fittings, clamps, and weld in flanges for both the inlet and outlet side of the gate.

I paid $396.67 shipped. I am looking to get $375 picked up, $380 shipped.