Photoshoot in College Point, Queens NY
by Ronnie C.

Polishing older single stage paint can be tricky. If you don't cover the edges with tape it will get you in big trouble. I found a few burn marks & tried to touch them up the best I could.
I was able to remove all of the swirls & finish down hologram free in 2 steps with the Dewalt DWP849X + Makita 9227C Rotaries. Some deep marks remain but it was not smart to go fishing for them with anything more abrasive than Meguiars M205 Polish on 6.5" & 4.0" green BS pads. The paint transfer on low speeds was enough to make me nervous. The next step was done with 3MUF Polish on black BS pads. I was still getting some paint transfer on these very soft pads. For protection I gave this German beauty 3M Performance Finish on her paint & lights!

Others: Exhaust Tips polished with #0000 steel wool then Ardex Metal Mania. Wheel Lips polished with Ardex Metal Mania. Tires were treated with Optimum Opti-Bond. Head & Tail Lights were rotary polished with green/M205 + black/3MUF + 3MPF.