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Thread: DIY Converting Hydraulic P/S to Electronic P/S RSX

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    DIY Converting Hydraulic P/S to Electronic P/S RSX

    I finally finished converting my car to electronic Power Steering the other day and I made a small DIY for you. Let me just say this is an easy swap and most people are worried about it but after doing it I realized just how easy it is.

    First here are all of our parts!

    Rack and Pinion
    Tie Rod Ends
    Brain Box
    Wiring Harness
    EP3 Brackets

    First thing first we need to rip out the Hydraulic Power Steering lines and pump. I already did that as I'm running no P/S

    So first lets unbolt the wheels and un bolt the tie rod ends

    next for more clearance I took out this lower bar

    then unbolted the PS rack from the RSX brackets

    Then go inside the car and unbolt the 10mm bolts holding on the ujoint on the steering shaft

    Now unbolt the brackets from the frame and rip out the rack and pinion

    Now lets compare the RSX and EP3 racks


    The inner tie rod ends are the same!! There is no need to swap the entire tie rod assembly like everyone else!!!! Only the outer tie rod ends are different and need swapping! So take a wrench and swap them out!

    Here you can see the difference in the rsx and ep3 tie rod ends. The RSX is much thicker going into the strut assembly.

    Now lets slap in the new EP3 rack and pinion and bolt it up to the new EP3 Brackets you also needed.

    So now you rack is in and it's time to do the wiring... There is not much to it!

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    So first thing I did was go inside the car and run the new wiring harness threw the location of the stock wiring harness. Under the carpet footboard for the gas pedal. Then pulled the wire out into the engine bay and up to the eps rack

    Now I mounted my box and plugged it in

    But we need power! For this I made a custom plug into the factory plug and ran a power wire out the fender to my fuse box. You can either go to the fuse box like I did or go to the battery like Loza did. I went to the fuse box because I relocated both box and battery and my box was closer!

    and here is where I went into the fuse box. I decided to add a inline fuse. I used the power source on the left which is coming straight from the batter. So if you wanted you go also go straight to the battery instead of the fuse box. But for me my fuse box is closer than my battery.

    I then cut a small opening for the cable on the lid

    Now onto the ECU wiring! You only need to add three wires to the new EPS. Engine RPM, Vehicle Speed, and constant power!

    I tapped into the hondata jumper harness using three different colored wires to identify each one!

    here I tap into the lines

    Blue White goes to pin A18 VSS sensor (vehicle speed sensor located in tranny)
    Solid Blue goes to E26 NEP (Engine RPM or Engine Speed Sensor)
    Yel goes to pin E9 IGN power (this is IGN to let the BCU know when engine is running)

    02-06 ECU diagrams are the same. refer to Hondata for ECU pin out.
    Reference > ECU connectors

    Connector A (2p)
    THICK blue/white is +power for EPS system 60A fused
    THICK BLACK is - PG Power ground to chassis


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