-Easiest to go from wheel side in parts so I jacked up the car and removed the wheel. You don't have to though...
-You'll also want to use a 10mm flare nut wrench
-12mm socket
-17mm wrench

*also note I have a CAI, A SRI intake or stock air box or BIG SNAIL will be in the way compared to my setup!

I had already pulled and taken my CMC off so these pictures are 100% perfect lol

Here you can see my CMC just hanging out... its tucked away good... PITA

First thing you wanna do is go inside your car. You're going to want to remove a pin and some nuts.

Here is the pin and bolt you need to remove from the CMC shaft.

The pin is kind of a pain especially since you will be lying upside down! Put if you see the top is curled over. So pull the side of the pin outwards and then pull it down! Then just push the rod through and out

Now grab a 12mm socket and an extension and unbolt the two bolts holding the CMC to the firewall. (I put one nut on for the picture on the bottom right... upper left behind the cable you can see the stud where the nut came off.

Then what you can do is unbolt the 10mm bolt holding the bracket of the hard line to the frame. This will help give you more movement! Pull the CMC back from the firewall and its easiest to go through the wheel well. Now make sure to use a flare nut wrench to play it safe! You don't want to strip this nut

Now put a 17mm wrench on the bigger nut and the 10mm on the clutch line nut and bust it loose!

Here is a zoomed out shot so you can see where it was

Now pull out your CMC and do whatever you are doing that you needed to take it out! lol