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Thread: Buddy Club N+ (Specific for 8th gen civic)

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    Buddy Club N+ (Specific for 8th gen civic)

    Here is info from the 8th. From what I've read this isn't exactly correct, and from personal experience the rear instructions are just slightly off. I had to lessen the preload on the rear spring to avoid the ride being too bouncy other than that work quite well for my very modest drop.

    Originally posted by: silentkillz1
    so i recently purchased these coil overs and let me first say, they are great! I had skunk 2 pro s but they do not compare to the N+ AT ALL!! I wanted to share with the people that have or are planning to buy the N+ on how to tune the height of their suspension. Note: this is only to assist you, you don't have to follow these specs. All these specs/pictures do not belong to me, i'm just posting it here so others can reference to it. i believe these belong to a guy named Albert who works at buddy club, he's a great guy, best customer service i've had EVER! He helped me a lot with my coils without even charging me.

    so after having my coils installed and i took it for a drive up the mountains"not pushing it of course" and i have to say, the car responds great, the only thing bad was i had stock tires -.- and on almost every turn the tires would break traction lol. The coilovers just showed me how badly i need new tires.

    I've noticed that the settings above for the rear is kinda bouncy (the settings were probably for track use) Anyways, to have less of a bouncy ride i lowered the rear spring preload by a couple mm and raised the shock by however mm i lowered the spring part by. That helped out a lot and now the ride is even more enjoyable

    ***Some more info thanks to trans9mp***
    alright everyone... finally i found sometime to snap a few pictures of my set-up... hard for me to find time with work and it raining and always being dark over here in Germany... anyhow... I'm gonna post up I guess you can call a synopsis of everything I went thru to get my settings right... so here is what i went thru...
    Here are the settings I tried...

    1. FRONT 200 mm spring preset/ 100 mm adjustment per MG (setting 1 for damper) REAR 200 mm adjustment / 40 mm spring preset (setting 1 for damper)
    2. FRONT 200 mm/ 100 mm (setting 1)/ REAR 195 mm/ 40 mm (setting 1)
    3. FRONT 200 mm/ 100 mm (setting 1)/ REAR 205 mm/ 40 mm (setting 1)
    4. FRONT 200 mm/ 100 mm (setting 1)/ REAR 180 mm/ 20mm (setting 1)
    5. FRONT 200 mm/ 100 mm + 8 complete spins upward (setting 1)/ REAR 170 mm/ 10mm (setting 1)
    6. FRONT 200 mm/ 100 mm + 8 up (setting 1)/ REAR 205 mm/ 10 mm (setting 1)
    and finally the setting that is PERFECT for MY Si...
    7. FRONT 200 mm/ 100 mm + 8 up (setting 3)/ REAR 205 mm/ 10 mm (setting 5)

    Now keep in mind... It rides BETTER than stock, but because I have my damper set a little higher, its just a tad more responsive... which is what i wanted... if you dont want a little more bouncy/ responsive than stock, leave your damper settings at 1f/1r and it will be money... also, keep in mind... every car is DIFFERENT... my settings might not work for you... but so far these settings worked for both west and I... Here are the pictures...

    *also, the parking lot where i took these quick pics was slanted and i took them in like 2 seconds lol...

    also just wanted to point out... that i am having some slight rubbing on the wheel well from the front... so when i ge a spare moment I'm going to make the front from the current settings of 200 mm + 8 up to 200 mm - 3 to make 200 mm + 5 mm if that makes sense... any questions... PM me, or shoot me an email... and that will go straight to my blackberry... Thanks guys...
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