Borg Warner Air Werks 8375 T4 Twin Scroll this turbo is like brand new it has the v band option and a .100 a/r below is info from Full races web site regarding this turbo asking $875 obo shipped paid 950 plus shipping this was a spare turbo I used for a "very" short time when my 35r developed a self induced leak and this turbo never saw the track as I hate drag racing in the summer heat .

The S300SX 8375 is quite possibly the best value in today's high performance street-turbo marketplace. This is one of the smaller S300SX's in the lineup and has a high flow 68 lb/min 7 blade extended-tip compressor wheel and a 10 blade 75.9mm inconel turbine wheel with 4340 shaft. Recommended for use in quick spooling 500-600+whp applications, this is an excellent turbo for a very fast 4cyl street car. It uses a 7-bladed Extended-Tip compressor wheel w/ 60mm inducer & 83mm exducer. 4" inlet compressor housing with 3" outlet. Comes with a .91 A/R Twinscroll T4 hsg standard but upgrading to a 1.00 a/r T4 Twinscroll housing is recommended for boost levels above 25psi! .88 A/R T4 Singlescroll also available for undivided applications. This compressor moves more air than a 61mm GT3582R but with only a 60mm inducer compressor wheel to keep inertia low. Capable of efficiently pumping up to 45+ psi boost, this turbo generates big torque numbers. Journal Bearing and Oil Cooled only (watercooling and BB CHRA not applicable). Similar to a Twinscroll GT35R with higher boost capabilities at a lower price. FULL RACE RECOMMENDS MODIFYING THE TURBINE HOUSING TO 3" VBAND. (this allows for fitment identical to 40R, letting you swap between any t4 turbocharger with 3" vband outlet and guarantees perfect fitment to Full-Race turbo kits)