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Thread: Bought New G-Force Harnesses

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    Bought New G-Force Harnesses

    So I decided to do a little upgrade today... then again what's new

    I thought about it a lot and head lots of choices in companies...

    So I decided the fakatas had to go! Here is what I had

    and here is the back where I had it crossed incorrectly cause at the time I didn't know what I was doing lol

    But now I have FIA/SFI approved harnesses from G-Force

    The quality on these things are absolutely amazing. So much better, thicker, stronger and nicer than my knockoffs.


    and the rear wrapped properly

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    Very Nice glad you got a decent set and wow they look so much better than those belts you had .The only bitch of the five points is getting in and out make sure you have your keys, sunglasses ect before you strap in


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