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Thread: Got my best 1/4 time at Rockingham Dragway. VIDS!!!

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    Got my best 1/4 time at Rockingham Dragway. VIDS!!!

    Well we had a test n tune night at Rockingham Dragway last night. I do have to say the track prep was at its best. Launching was perfect and the weather was in the low 80's with next to no humidity. The only downfall was that up until 11pm the scoreboards weren't giving any time because they got struck by lightning the night before so they were repairing them for us all night. So we all were racing heads up from an arm drop just like on Pinks All Out. It was so freekin fun. They got 1 lane to actually give us times but 1 is better than none.

    I went with some friends. Gary with his supercharged SI and his dad came along with his friend Dennis who had a 2010 Camaro SS Supercharged automatic with paddles. Ryan came along for the good time also. He did a great job getting footage of me and Gary.

    This race was important to both Gary and I because it was a rematch from the last time we raced at Zmax Dragway when my fuel pump let go in the midst of the race. So Gary and I were looking forward to having that rematch and I have to say it def was a rematch to remember.

    Heres my mods:

    Jackson racing supercharger making 9.5 psi
    rc 750cc injectors w/oem style clips
    l3 racing cai w/K&N air filter
    Kidd header
    full race 3" exhaust
    flashpro (E-tuned by VitViper 291whp)
    ingalls etd
    nrg grounding wire kit
    twm stage 2 short shifter w/cable bushings
    redline tranny fluid
    napa upper radiator hose Part #7777
    omni cmc
    walbro 255 fuel pump
    custom catch can (its hidden, but its there)
    injected motor mounts
    coolant bypass
    stock wheels painted graphite metallic
    black H center cap stickers
    hfp suspension
    megan racing front lower tie bar
    megan racing rear lower tie bar
    progress 22mm rear sway bar
    hfp front lip
    hfp rear lip
    hfp side lip
    gloss black painted calipers
    continental dws 225-45-17
    red leather stitched shift boot
    custom carbon fiber hood

    My Slip

    Onto the vids

    Gary And I's Rematch (FULL INTERIOR)

    Reigning Champion



    Me vs Supercharged 2010 SS Camaro

    My best Time

    Gary's Best time

    Video of our cars

    Hope you enjoyed the vids.
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    Who won? Looks like he was a tad bit ahead of you but you pulled at the end. Either way, great race! Great run against the SS, did you see Si Speed 317's run against one? Whooped it's ass!

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    ya i seen that vid. was that ss supercharged? Gary beat me by 1/2 car which isnt much but it was a very close race. he was playing catch up the whole race too. i only wish the scoreboard was working because we both bounced the 4th gear limiter crossing the line and it would have been a 13.0 or better. that was the best run we had that night.

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    Great vids, nice race with Gary! Very close, didnt u get a time slip?

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