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Thread: DIY Walbro Fuel Pump Install 06-11 Civic Si

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    DIY Walbro Fuel Pump Install 06-11 Civic Si

    Taken from another member, but it's a great DIY so I figured why not post it. The more widespread DIY's are, the better. That's my
    I installed my Walbro fuel pump and thought I'd write one up that has pics for everybody.

    I bought mine from corsport here, CorSport: Fuel - Fuel Systems - GSS341/2. Just buy the pump and not the install kit, theirs nothing needed from the install kit.

    What you need is,

    1. Walbro 255 LPH HP fuel pump
    2. Honda fuel injector O-ring, Part number is 91302-PNA-003
    3. 12mm socket w/socket wrench
    4. Philips screw driver
    5. Large flat head screw driver
    6. Small flat head screw driver
    7. Rubber mallet
    8. Paper towels
    9. Razor blade or pocket knife

    What is optional and recommended if your civic has high miles is to replace the pump filter since you'll take it off while your at it. Unfortunately I don't have the part number since I didn't replace it.

    Here is the Walbro pump and new O-ring,

    Now clean out your trunk and backseat. Then remove the backseat rest from the car like so.

    Now pry up this carpet cover to access all the bolts for this metal cover.

    Use your Philips to unscrew these four screws, pull the rubber boot out.

    Disconnect the harness, and the two fuel lines. Also wipe as much dirt off as you can, you don't want a clump of dirt falling in the fuel tank.

    Now due to not having the special tool to take the lock ring off, this is what you do. Use a flat head screw driver and mallet and hit on it to slowly unscrew the lock ring. You'll go about one full rotation until you can use your hands to finish taking it off.

    Pull the assembly out slowly, keeping in mind the fuel level arm which is the black arm at the bottom hanging loosely.

    Disconnect the pump, and the other two wires.

    Pry the three tabs to remove the bottom cover from the assembly.

    At the bottom of the pump release the three tabs and remove the large cover. Now simply push the pump free, careful cause it'll go flying if you give to much force. Gently now.

    Remove the rubber boot from the pump, and I slowly and gently pried this metal stop off. Don't mess it up or lose it, you'll reuse it. Also remove the O-ring and the white spacer. Save the spacer you'll reuse it.

    OEM fuel pump left, Walbro right.

    New fuel injector O-ring left, OEM right.

    Install the spacer with the new O-ring. Install the filter with the metal stop, it'll be tricky with the metal stop. It depends how much you bent it up removing it.

    These following steps you use your own judgement to how much plastic and rubber you want to trim. Trim both rubber and plastic slowly while checking the fitment continuously, remember their needs to be enough left for the pump to sit snug in the assembly

    Here I trimmed the top of the rubber boot, I was using a knife and didn't want to cut myself trying to trim the bottom.

    Once enough has been trimmed, reinstall the pump and put back the small bottom cover.

    Reinstall the large bottom cover, reconnect all three wires. It should look like this.

    Carefully lower the assembly back into the tank. Press firmly all around then install the white lock ring. Careful here, the lock ring has the tendency to wanna cross thread. With the large flat head and mallet tighten the lock ring all the way.Whats important in this picture is that the arrow is within both lines on the fuel tank. If not, you'll have inaccurate fuel level readings.

    Reconnect both lines, and the harness. Turn the key to position II and wait 5-10 seconds for the fuel pump to prime. Fire her up and let run for a minute. Once satisfied reinstall everything in reverse order.
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    Very good write up

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    quiet a bit different that the RSX. Nice work

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    Good write up! Repped

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