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Thread: full race 3" question

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    full race 3" question

    i currently have a strup header and as you all know it has a 2" collector. i have the fr exhaust mated up to it with the bottleneck 2.5" that goes to 3" that i bought from fr. im putting on the kidd header and it has the 2.5 collector. should i use the same bottleneck or use the straight solid 3" adapter that came with my exhaust initially?

    reason i ask is that my 2.5 bottleneck from fr leaked so i had it welded on. i dont want to have to do unnecessary work if its not needed.

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    It's always best to avoid bottlenecks, but if you have a straight 3" adapter that would be best to use with the 2.5" as long as it fits properly.

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    My dc race header came with a 2.5" collector swell I ended up using a vibrant 2.5"-3" adapter. Worked perfectly and it saved me some space also. hope this helps.

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