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Thread: Pete Streets Places Top 3 at Fall Nationals

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    Pete Streets Places Top 3 at Fall Nationals

    İMatt Callahan 10/23/16

    Although drag racing involves one individual racing against another, team work is a foundational component that prepares us for each and every race - and this event was no different. Sunday, October 23rd, was a jam-packed day in Englishtown, NJ consisting of three events at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park: Evo vs STi, Street Wars 2, and Fall Nationals, all hosted by OGS 1320.

    İMatt Callahan 10/23/16

    Pete has done a lot of work over the past few years. To highlight some aspects: built PPG dog box, new LSD, beefed axles, built motor, bigger fueling, and a Borg Warner turbocharger conversion with full supporting mods. That’s right, no more blower. You may recall a few years ago Pete custom built his setup around the largest Rotrex supercharger ever made, which he sold last year in pursuit faster ĵ mile times. After a near three-year hiatus, @PetefromtheStreets has been working hard getting his RSX Type-S (DC5) ready for this event. With the support of friends, family, Team PFTS, and the BoostedK20 community, he made it – with some inevitable hiccups, of course.

    İMatt Callahan 10/23/16

    We arrived early with the track crew (Team PFTS) and the intent to participate in the 'Street Wars' event. After an unforgettable interaction with the gate keeper, Pete upped the ante to the Fall Nationals event and buy-in. It was 42*F with 20+ mph winds. Boost Weather <3 hoodies donned and gear ready, we prepped for tech inspection. Once passed, we filled up with some VP Q16 and got ready to give it all we had.

    İMatt Callahan 10/23/16

    Pete entered the 10.50 index. He rocked it with his shakedown run off the trailer! For some reason, the car kept breaking up in 3rd and 4th with high boost. Datalogs didn’t help as much as we hoped, as the wideband wasn’t recording properly. But that didn’t stop us from doing what we could! Team PFTS pit crew was a big help between runs. Team work was essential so we could allocate appropriately in order to focus on the next pass. The best run of the day was a 10.77 @ 130mph with a new personal best 60’ of 1.65! Short track is mostly down, all that’s left is to chase down the top end. After a long day spent with great runs and racers, Pete placed 3rd in the Fall Nationals event – winning a trophy and cash prize! This is the first time he’s ever brought home hardware from an event. And the fun didn’t end there – the rest of his family at home heard the news. Once everyone returned home, Pete was greeted with a cheering family and congratulative decorations everywhere! Having a loving, caring, and supportive family is truly a blessing.

    İMatt Callahan 10/23/16

    Future plans include figuring out a coolant leak and some wiring issues, bigger injectors and other fuel components, and an appointment with Treblic to get this puppy running right!

    İMatt Callahan 10/23/16

    Pete, it has been a true pleasure to have your continuous, selfless support for the Boosted K-series Community for over 5 years now. I am elated and grateful to be a part of your big day! Congratulations buddy, here’s to a great year, productive winter build, and a fun next season!
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