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Thread: Fuel Frenzy - Sales On Nearly All Fuel Products!

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    Fuel Frenzy - Sales On Nearly All Fuel Products!

    In November 2013, we launched our eShop - a K-series online parts store designed and built by enthusiasts who push the limit - every day.

    At this time, we are proud to announce a fuel frenzy! Nearly all of our fuel products, with already great pricing, are on sale for better savings! And most items not on sale are below retail pricing, offering you the best deals we can. Aside from pricing, we offer caring and timely customer service! After all, we are enthusiasts ourselves.

    Of these products, we are offering the best pricing on the internet for fuel injectors, ranging from 550cc to 2200cc! We have chosen to carry only injectors by Southbay Fuel Injectors (SFI). Their injectors are world-record holding, proven, consistent, and at better prices than all of the competition - making them the best bang-for-your-buck available. Additionally, SFI injectors come with an amazing 3 year, no questions asked warranty! Additionally, Frank and Julie (the owners) have second-to-none customer service. I have personally been in their facility where they have shown me first-hand exactly what they do and how they do it. I even got my hands dirty and cleaned some injector sets, then tossed them on the machine to flow-match them! Lastly, they are a small grassroots company that operates wholeheartedly and loves the Honda community. They know we all want the best performance for the best price, and that is exactly what they deliver. If you have not heard of Southbay Fuel Injectors, don't just take our word for it. Check them out!

    Check out all the fuel products we carry here:
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    Need parts for your k-series setup? Check out our eShop! Click Here

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    Same great deals on there! Awesome setup on there. Will purchase stuff when I build my next setup! Hell of a deal on the twin bosch 044 setup, much cheaper than I paid for em. Saw the promise thing too, very nicely put. Solidifies your stance on things, very understandable. Lots of shit goes on in the aftermarket world. Thanks for your service!
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