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    MercRacing featured on

    As usual, this year’s Super Lap Battle had plenty of Honda entrants, but there was one car in particular that stood out with its impressive speed and ultra-clean execution. Say hello to the Nemo’s Garage EG Civic owned by Angel Torres.

    Under the hood sits a fully-built K20A fed by a MercRacing supercharger setup. While you used to find naturally aspirated B-series motors in most Hondas at the track, times have certainly changed.

    See the full article here:

    Congratulations to both Angel Torres in his phenomenal Nemo build and Jose Mercado!

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    I follow Angel on social media. His username was thatog_nemo and then he changed it to nemosgarage and started a car parts business. Great build and ambition man! Been going for years now. Nice to see Mercracing associated with this build, because I believe that man also has great ambition and has really supported the community well, always innovating new things. His newest blower setup looks pretty legit, there's a guy Tony that has it on a red Si (sedan?). I think Jose also made that guy Danny's tensioner setup with the whipple blower that made over 500whp as a tester and then started making it continuously. Great solution for blower guys, can't get a ton of tension from the stock setup. This man creates solutions.

    MercRacing is awesome.


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