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Thread: Anyone running 17x9?

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    Yeah the 235's fit under the car.... and look pretty stock with the 17 x 7.5.
    Given 235mm is 9.25", I'm sure it would rub inner with 9 or 9.5" rims... and will need lower offset.

    The DC5 guys talk about 255's on 17x9 w/+20's offset with no mention of modifying the body... So, given the chassis and many parts are the same, I'm betting it'll work to follow what the RSX have proven... But, also that tire is wider than the wheel, I'd try the 235's on a 17x9, first for clearance testing, but would be thinking about a 10" rim for the 255 or 12" for the 275 when I get my boost going.
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