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Thread: IMT Tvs 1320 Supercharger Upgrade Tested

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    IMT Tvs 1320 Supercharger Upgrade Tested

    Hey every one Innovative Motorsports Technologies just released there Eaton TVS 1320 supercharger upgrade in which all the test fitting, drive ability and dyno tuning was done on my car and let me tell you its all on point!

    My car was dyno tuned by Evans Tuning with the TVS 1320 and produced the following numbers with a stock block, stock head, stock cams and stock no return fuel line system

    402 WHP 281 TQ on pump gas 93 octane

    Here is some info on the upgrade

    This is what IMT had to say on facebook when they announced the upgrade ( After almost a year in design and development, we are proud to introduce the patent pending Ultimate CT-E k-series supercharger upgrade. You can now simply bolt on a 1320 (1.32L) TVS supercharger to your existing CT intake manifold. The TVS rotor group is the latest technology available from Eaton. It is the most widely used supercharger by OEM’s. Ever heard of the 2015 Corvette Z06? Yep that’s got one… More information will be available on our website soon. There will be a very limited first run of kits and pre-orders will be taken on the website. We look forward to providing CT owners with this latest Eaton TVS rotor technology to take their cars to the next level.)

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    Phenomenal! IMT does a great job, yet again! Please provide us with more details, pictures, videos, etc.

    Very happy for the guys over at IMT!
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