It all started when I was in 5th grade and I was riding with my brother and my dad (Brother was driving) a old 1992 Honda civic hatch and he asked if he could hit vtec (I was like WTF is vtec) my dad said sure, and he floored it... fast foward a couple of years I asked my brother's friend if he would give me a ride in his 1996 built b series turbo, that was really fun for a kid like 13ish.
So I bought my Orange 2009 Honda civic Si January 2012. Then my love for Honda's Really started even tho it was partially there already, I bought and installed two T1's in a ported box with a 1200 watt amp, bought a taketa cold air intake, Got the mod bug and burnt up my clutch racing so I Bought a exedy stage 1 clutch and lightweight flywheel. Sold my system to buy more go-fast parts, then the unfortunate happened, I totaled the car 06-30-2013. Found a taffy white fa5 with all the right mods (mainly Hondata & RRC) and love at first sight. I have huge plans for this car, my main goal is to make it a beautiful, yet fast FA5 and just have fun doing it.
On to the pics!

So I went a a hunt for a new FA5 and found a Taffy White one states away, and was love at first sight.
Mods on the new car when i bought it-
AEM cold air intake
Rrc intake manifold(port matched)
Hondata thermal intake gasket
Throttle body spacer(port matched)
Skunk 2 throttle body
08 tsx cams
Kidd racing header
Full Race 3" exhaust
Tuned by vit viper
Eibach sport line springs
Tinted windows 50%
Ctr shift knob
Civic hybrid mirrors
Work cr kai 18x7.5
Goodrich stainless brake hoses
Pioneer double din with DVD
Memphis 6.5s front and rear
Memphis shallow 12" in custom fiberglass box
Factory foglights
Tinted taillights(red over reverse)

here some pictures.

current look:

this was the last pic of it running its torn apart in my barn right now so it will be like 2 weeks before a new pic of its look if posted.

Right now it's in the process of having a lot of work done between the suspension install, k20/k24 build, and JDM conversion, the JDM conversion is like done I'm waiting on a couple of parts to come but I just need to get it all installed and painted.

Current setup

-Hybrid racing cold air intake
-BLOX 6" Air Filter
-BLOX velocity stack 6" - 3.5"
-RRC intake manifold portmatched
-PRL ZDX Adapter
-08 tsx cams
-Kidd racing header
-FullRace 3" catback
-Hondata Flashpro(tuned by Vitviper on old tune 219whp)
-EM1 cmc upgrade

-Carbon fiber Mugen RR hood
-JDM Depo lights
-Replica JDM fenders W/clear side markers
-Replica JDM Mugen RR font bumper
-Replica JDM Half carbon fibeTrunk
-Replica JDM LED License Plate Lights Housing
-Depo JDM Tails pre facelift
-Tinted windows 50%
-Civic hybrid mirrors
-purple yospeed towhook

-Hybrid Racing Short Shifter
-Hybrid Racing Awesome Sauce
-Fatboy shift knob
-3.5" Neo chrome Shifter extension
-Custom shift boot
-LED dome and map light
-Pioneer double din with DVD
-Memphis shallow 12" in custom fiberglass box
-Memphis 6.5s Rears
-Polk 6.5 Fronts
-Massive Audio N2 for door speakers
-Massive Audio N2 for sub

-Eibach sport line springs
-Traded for Rota grid 2's 17x9 +25
-235/45-17 tires
-Goodrich stainless brake hoses

Ready to go in
-Skunk2 Meagapower Header
-CRV mount
-ARP Head Studs
-Go power V1R-2 cams
-Supertech valvetrain
-Ferrea Flat-faced Valves(If My stock valves are bad)
-Type s oil pump
-Hybrid Racing TCT
-550cc Modified stock injectors
-Ultimate Tune by Vitviper
-8" Kicker Comp R
-Koni Yellow/Nuespeed sport front and rear
-Replica Mugen side skirts
-Replica FD2 RR Wing with Carbon Fiber insert
-Replica Mugen RR Rear bumper lip
-Ingalls Camber bolts
-70a Hasport rear monut
-K24 Oil Dipstick
-ZDX Thermal TB gasket
-K24 timing chain
-SPC Rear camber Arms
-Muteki lug nuts
-Supertech Viton Valve Stem Seals
-Skunk2 Magnetic Drain plugs

To Do/Buy Lists:

Next Step:Performance
Mfactory master rebuild kit,
custom exhaust,
Port head,
Big Manifold (Skunk2 Ultra series, Joe Mac 9.0, Xcessive)
Wiseco 11:1 CR,
Manley Turbotuff Rods,
HR Tucked Fuel Rail,
HR Tucked Fuel Line Kit,
HR Fuel Pressure Gauge,
HR Shifter Cables,
HR Shift Knob,
NST Pullies(or any good pullies),

Next Step:Visuals
Carbon Fiber Sunroof Plug,
Carbon fiber Roof Overlay,
Carbon fiber Whale tail,
Powder-coated Wheels,
Powder-coated Valve cover,
Powder-coated Shift Knob & Extender,

Stay tuned...

That is all for now. I'm getting this car ready for a K24/K20 big turbo build, I'd like to get a hatch sometime in the next couple of years and k-swap it, Re-build the k20 from my FA5 and throw in the hatch along with other goodies. Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions feel free. thanks for viewing.