Well shortly I'll be making the 8 hour drive to Kentucky for Import Alliance. My car though has no AC as I pulled it for my tuck... I'm taking my GF this year and so we, yes I let her do this DIY with me, made a poor man's AC. They say on average it is good for around 6 hours. So I can easily make a quick stop at any gas station and buy more ice and keep it going.

So here is what I'm using. 5 gallon bucket, 5 gallon styrofoam liner, 2" PVC Couplers (x3) 2" Hole Saw, Drill, Mini fan and silicone sealant.

First off, make sure you cutter is same size and coupler

Then cut out 3 holes in your bucket

Test fit.. should be tight fit

Now place your liner in the bucket and cut out the Styrofoam

Now test fit that

Take your silicone and go around all the piping pieces to a make a air tight seal

Now trace out your fan onto the Styrofoam

test fit fan

Now cut smaller hole for fan to fit in top lid

test fit and make adjustments as needed

Boom you're done. I plan on running a frozen milk jug of water inside the styrofoam. But you can use anything you want. A bag of ice will work just fine. The milk jug will just be easier to contain the water once it melts. :thumbsup:

I have a lazer thermometer I will test this out on a hotter day. But we put it in the backseat and sat in the garage with it on and you could definitely tell a difference. Obviously not perfect like the factory AC but when you have none anything is better than nothing.