So I'm gonna try out this because I eliminated my fender liners a long time ago. I'm tired of rocks and shit kicking up into my engine bay all the time. So I went to Home Depot and bought this foam.

My plan is to place it in between bay and fender.

So I cut it to size and got out double sided mounting tape

laid down a strip and installed

Unless I point it out you can't really tell. I like it so far but it stormed today so I left the car at home. Hope to try it out this week/weekend

I've driven plenty of hours, miles, two car meets, and a dyno appointment with no issues so far. Someone mentioned they had troubles with hot Las Vegas heat but we'll see as the season goes as I live in Wisconsin. But either way it's literally less than $10 first time, and less than $5 to replace the foam anytime. So it's easy to just keep replacing it if it goes bad. But so far it's working perfectly and I'm very happy with the results and no one has even noticed or pointed it out. So it's very simple clean and doesn't stand out.