So I have PasswordJDM hood struts and they worked great on my OEM metal hood, but I put them on my new fiberglass hood and didn't even dare try to shut the hood as it was so much pressure I knew it was about to break my hood. So I did some searching with no luck but figured out the struts on my own super quick

Now take a little at a time is my best advice. I kept checking the pressure by pushing the struts on the ground and seeing how hard to push them in.

First take off the main ball holder. It just screws on

Once you do so look down the center and you'll see a hole

find a nice thin long nail and place it inside the hole. Then I just pushed it against the desk but make sure to not shoot the nail like a bullet lol The gas will shoot out quick! So like I said little by little and feel the difference.

Then re-install with confidence lol