Everyone with Kpro should do this, even if its stock. This has to be done everytime you load a new BASEMAP. If you're using someone else's tuned map, that is still considered a basemap for you, as the map isn't tuned to your SPECIFIC car, even if you have same bolt ons, engine, turbo, head, carpet....it doesn't matter, every tune is different.

Scaling the TPS tells the ECU where your pedal is fully up (tb closed) and fully down (wide open throttle aka WOT) and where it is anywhere between those points.

Here we go:
1. Remove all mats from under your pedals. You should only have either the OEM mat with hooks, or bare carpet. If you have weathertechs or something, you need too trim them so they don't get stuck behind your pedals. That makes things rough on the clutch and transmission when you can't disengage the clutch all the way. Too many people drive like this unfortunately. This also lets you press the gas pedal all the way down.

2. Connect your laptop to the kpro ecu.
3. Turn the key to the ON (II) position. DO NOT TURN THE CAR ON WHERE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING.
4. Click on the lightning bolt in Kmanager.
5. Open the Parameters window. Circled in red below.

6. Click on [Knock/TPS] in the red circle below.

7. Scoll down.
8. Click the TOP [READ] button. (above picture in blue)
9. Press and hold gas pedal all the way down.
10. Click the BOTTOM [READ] button. (above picture in blue)
11. Go to FILE > SAVE AS... and save your calibration as a new file.
12. Click the UPLOAD button to upload the newly calibrated TPS file to your ECU.