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Thread: Get To Know The BoostedK20 Staff!

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    Get To Know The BoostedK20 Staff!

    In this thread we will introduce you to the site's Moderating Team and their roles.

    BoostedK20 = Dan
    As the founder of BoostedK20, his ambitions were simple: Create a database and form a community dedicated to forcefully inducing one of, if not, the best 4 cylinder motors in the world.

    Super Moderators (SuperMods)
    We currently have one SuperMod on the forum, which is a moderator that has taken on the role of managing the overall site, in addition to their responsibilities as a normal moderator. Thus, Super[fluous] Moderator!

    The role of the Super Moderator is:
    * To oversee the day-to-day running of the site, as well as leading and taking care of the moderating team
    * Being the general moderator of the site- having rule on contentious issues which moderators might have with, covering for those forums that have their Forum Moderators in absence (vacation etc)
    * To provide backup and support for moderators – especially on forums that are the most demanding of BoostedK20 resources

    The SuperMods for the site are:

    Spaz = Zack
    Zack joined this site when it was first created, in March of 2011. He shared his abundance of established DIY articles with our community and further contributed by creating new ones! He has always been a DIYer (Do-It-Yourself-er) and has thoroughly supported the community with written, photographed, and video walk-throughs for a wide range of technical aspects. Since joining, he has achieved many great goals (winning many car shows and being featured on the cover of Honda Tuning Magazine, just to name a few) and went from being supercharged, to NA, to turbocharged! Having blown 4 motors and 5 second gears, he is a great fit as a member of the staff. Zack is a true enthusiast and an asset to this community!

    PetefromtheStreets = Adam
    Adam, a.k.a. Pete or PFTS, has been the most active member of the community since he first joined in April 2011. He has a vast knowledge in the fundamental principles of K-series motors, transmissions, and their application - nearly all from first-hand experience. Building his RSX over the past several years, he gutted and built his DC5 equipped with the largest Rotrex supercharger made, which is now a sidewinder turbocharger setup atop a fully-built motor, and a bulletproof PPG 5-speed transmission. He currently has a 6 point roll cage, making nearly 800whp. And don't let the term 'bulletproof' fool you, we have faith he will find a way to break something! As the proud owner of the "BoostedK20 RSX", Pete continues to contribute to the community on our social media accounts.

    Forum Moderators (Mods)
    A Moderator is a member of a team that oversees specific forums, upholding the integrity and dignity that the community is based on. Moderators are all volunteers, without whom we could not provide the support and advice that we are known for.

    Moderator responsibilities include:
    * Moderating the content of their respective forum(s) for appropriateness according to the site's registration agreement. To do this effectively, moderators are asked to visit their forums on a daily basis.
    * Answering questions and helping members solve challenges - whether they know the solution or not. Although moderators are experienced in the topics covered in the forum that they moderate, they are not to be held as the experts, and do not automatically answer every post. Instead, we encourage our members to support and advise each other first and moderators will offer advice as necessary. Moderators are simply members with a higher devotion to the community!
    * Keeping forums clean - moving posts better suited to another forum, editing/locking/deleting posts with inappropriate content, managing sticky announcements, and other tasks that are necessary to keep their forums clean.

    Here are our moderators and a bit about them:

    Monjarassi = Martin
    Being a detail-oriented innovator, Martin has earned his spot in the Honda community. When not on the forum, Martin is usually working on K-series setups local to him. Talk about a Guru! Having a well-known Civic Si Hatch (ep3), he has focused his build on being able to show, and certainly able to go. And best of all - he has done [nearly] all the work himself!

    Ryaano18 = Ryan
    Recruited by Monjarassi, Ryan is the newest addition to our staff. He joined in March 2013, but don't let that fool you! This Wiring Wizard is an asset to this community. Being an enthusiast, he drives his Nissan 350Z for some RWD fun while he enthusiastically builds his base turbocharged RSX! Ryan is always eager and willing to help with anything!
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    Thanks for this.
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    +1 on monjarassi always helping. He literally just taught me how to valve lash and set up the TCT about an hour ago
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    Good stuff!

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