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  1. @peterwho I just saw your visitor message now man!!! Sorry!

    Did you do anything with your build since over 2 years ago?
  2. Hey Mate,

    Ive seen youre really knowledgeable and helpful to other forum members, im here from Australia and boosting a K is rare/non existent. So advice and help is limited. Ive got a k20a2 ek
    EP3 6spd OEM LSD
    ORC509D clutch
    Hasport mounts, ktuned fuel rail, stock injectors, 255 walbro, SARD FPR, Kpro

    Looking to lightly boost the car but also will be dailying it. Just wanting to know what set up is reliable. I hear you can keep the entire engine stock running low boost but i havent heard much about how long the engine lasted.

    At the moment i understand i will need to upgrade;

    Injectors, possibly fuel pump to the 500lph, full race manifold, (unsure of which turbo atm), ic piping, wastegate, BOV, and Intercooler.
    Just unsure if i should just build the motor or not, if i dont running low boost as in 10psi then i wont.
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