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03-27-2013, 09:16 PM

Up for sale is my upgraded greddy kit. At this point this only thing greddy about it is the intercooler piping. The manifold was upgraded by the previous owner to a TSI log manifold which places turbo in roughly same spot, but is much more resistant to cracking because it is a thicker casting. I had the manifold ceramic coated as well. I upgraded the turbo to a GT-3076 this is a great street turbo I made 368whp on IMW's dynapak in 88* weather on ~16 psi on pump 93. The car made over 400whp on c16 race fuel. I have also upgraded to an SRT intercooler which fits behind the stock crash beam without any modification whatsoever and the charge pipes have been cut to fit with this intercooler. More details of this setup can be found here: http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/turbocharging/292655-almks-400whp-budget-build.html

Here is a list of what you get:

TSI manifold - ceramic coated
Garrett GT-3076-iwg .86 a/r
8 psi actuator for GT turbos
Wastegate bracket for GT turbos
Retaining clip for actuator
5 bolt to v band adaptor for turbine housing
3'' downpipe with 3 bolt flange to bolt to standard catback
Greddy Intercooler piping - wrapped in armaflex
SRT v1 intercooler
Greddy Type RZ BOV
AEM IAT sensor
Mac 3 port boost control solenoid
Push lock hose for coolant lines
Vacuum lines
4 ply red silicon couplers
t bolt clamps
Fast turbo SS oil drain line
SS oil feed line with restrictor
Custom 3'' intake wrapped in armaflex
All necessary hardward to mount turbo to manifold and downpipe to turbo some of which is ARP

Asking $3000 OBO. Please PM me if you have any questions or would like more pictures as I would be happy to take them, I just wanted to get this thread up today. This kit is used, some parts more than others. The turbo, intercooler, intake, filter, wastegate bracket and actuator, and oil return are the newest items with around 8k miles on them. The turbo is in basically mint condition with no issues whatsoever.

Here is a list of the items you would need to truly complete this kit IMO:

2x 14mm banjo bolts for the water ports on the turbo
A new radiator hose to fit under charge pipe (PM me and I can probably find the gates part number for the hose I use, or a Napa 7777 would probably work as well)
Oil pan -10 AN bung
Fuel pump
Gauges (kinda optional, but I recommend getting at least a wideband)
4 bar map sensor (if you want to go above 11 psi, which you will have to do to get into the 350hp region)
3" catback exhaust
A vacuum t for the brake booster line to run a line to your bov
Some dei gold foil wrap to wrap up all the lines behind the motor bc it will get hot back there
Some ngk iridium heat range 9 spark plugs

The kit will come with all the vac lines I used and I will throw in some 16-18 gauge wire (can't remember which is it) so you will have enough wire for boost controller, IAT sensor, and wideband gauge.


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Still for sale! Someone make me an offer!

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