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Si Speed 317
02-23-2013, 08:38 PM
Let's get a collection of E85 compatible in-tank fuel pumps going! Post what you've had experience with or what you know works and I'll toss it up!

E85 fuel has become a viable option for street performance enthusiasts in recent years. It has some very significant pros, and equally significant cons to consider. It provides a higher octane and lower charge air temperatures, and is especially popular in forced induction applications, permitting more aggressive combinations of boost, compression ratios, and tuning. It is also less costly per-gallon than high-octane racing gasoline. That said, fuel usage increases 30-35% to support equal HP, somewhat offsetting the lower cost and requiring the HP rating of all fuel system components, including and especially the HP ratings of the fuel pump and fuel injectors, be reduced by 30-35%.
A crucial consideration regarding whether or not to run E85 is its tendency to rapidly and frequently contaminate and clog/block fuel filters, resulting in significant flow restrictions, which in turn may damage the engine and/or cause premature fuel pump failure. The reasons for filter contamination problems with E85 include the following:

E85 is an alcohol based fuel, and alcohols are hygroscopic (attract and absorb water from the atmosphere), which can accumulate in and clog fine filter elements.
E85 is an agriculturally produced fuel and, being a byproduct of plant material, there have been indications some of this “bio-mass” can accumulate in, and clog fuel filters.
E85 has very strong solvent properties, like many alcohol based liquids, which will act to strip accumulated debris and residues from transport and storage containers, and the inside of fuel tanks and fuel lines, which in turn accumulate in, and clog fuel filters.

The following are in no specific order.

1. Walbro 416lph E85 Compatible(Walbro 400 lph)
Great pump, very quiet. No need for twin 255's with this bad boy. Slight boring of fuel pump section is necessary to fit this pump, but that's no big deal. Note: Regular Walbro 400lph is NOT compatible with E85. The wires get corroded, and many have stated the internals of the pump fail due to corrosion. The E85 Compatible Walbro 416lph has sealed connectors, E85-proof internals, and does not fail with E85 use. Part number for the E85 pump is: 90000267
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2. Deatschwerks DW300lph
Raved about by many. In a boosted k-series application without increasing voltage, this pump will flow the same as a Walbro 400 at the stock voltage in an 06-11 Si (as a PnP; meaning to modifications). Known for flowing very well and being silent. E85 Compatible.
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3. AEM 320lph
The AEM High Flow Fuel Pump flows 320 lph (84 gph) at 43psi and is capable of supporting over 1,000 HP at 43psi. It features a compact 39mm diameter that fits most applications; it matches a Walbro 255lph in dimensions. It has an offset inlet design that eases installations, and has been confirmed through AEM to be compatible with E85.
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4. Aeromotive Stealth 340lph
Great fuel pump, especially for the price. Aeromotive has conducted extensive testing of their 340lph Stealth Pump in E85 fuel, achieving 1,000+ run hours of service life operating at 60 PSI and 13.5 Volts. In testing, it was found a filter service interval that gave good fuel pump service life required a new, down-stream filter be installed every 10 run-hours. It is vital to understand that a blocked filter creates severe flow restriction of pump output, building excessively high operating pressure between the pump and the contaminated element. If the Stealth 340 is allowed to run in this environment, operating pressures between pump and filter can exceed 90 PSI, creating extreme current draw and reduced cooling flow, resulting in rapid failure of the fuel pump motor assembly. WARNING: If you plan to run E85, you must be prepared to install proper filtration, and maintain it as frequently as every 10 run-hours. If not, Aeromotive does NOT recommend you the use of E85 with the 340 Stealth Fuel Pump. Aeromotive’s new product warranty assures the purchaser their 340 Stealth Pump will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Fuel pump failure caused by clogged/blocked fuel filters is not the result of any defect in the pump itself, and is not covered under this warranty. For a detailed look at post-pump filter options and what a good one should be like, please see Aeromotive Tech Bulletin: Post-Pump Fuel Filtration TB-102 here: http://aeromotiveinc.com/2010/05/post-pump-fuel-filtration/
For a specific example of the issues related to a clogged post-pump filter, please take a moment to see the Case History File embedded in TB-102 here:
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If you have more information to add, post up!

02-25-2013, 12:47 AM
Sick thread. Thinking of going E85 soon, I was wondering if you could just throw in a Stabil E85 treatment with every tank to prevent any corrosion from water. :shrug: