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Dont be afraid to make offers

Whoever buys this kit, is going to get a discounted Tune from the most popular and well known E-tunez tuner Vitviper

he is the MAN when it comes to tuning any car, everyone on this forum that knows him would recommend him and he knows "modified greddy kits" better than any tuner out there.

this is a special chance and really ties this kit into a finished product.
dont miss out!:dance:

here he is http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/members/41660.html

LOWERED PRICEthis includes everything you need to run this on your car

Well the time has come, i need the money(job issues) and the kit has to go. :sadbanana:
this completely transforms you car into a monster, but still drives so smooth and nice like stock.
the power band is amazing

all sales are final and everything is sold as is
price does NOT include shipping
i will update the thread with more and more pics
I DO need some stock parts since the kit is coming off it will leave some holes in my set up, so feel free to shoot me some offers.

At this time i am not parting the kit, selling as a whole

here is a list of all parts included in the kit

Everything you need is included in the kit to turbo your car and make upwards of 370WHP and 280WTQ.

this is the ultimate SLEEPER turbo set up

Garrett GT3071R-WG - T25 Internal Gate 86 a/r 90 trim
Includes 8psi Wastegate actuator
Includes custom wastegate actuator bracket
Includes Fast Turbo Oil line feed/drain/flange kit made for the GT30 w/oil restrictor.
Includes ATP Turbo banjo bolt coolant fittings and lines
A total of 22k miles on it

TSI Log Manifold.
HC-5 casting

GREDDY intercooler

Greddy intercooler professionally coated with a heat dispersant coating ($250). This coating increases cooling efficiency by up to 35%.

GREDDY intercooler piping
modified to work with Garrett T25 turbos. None of the pipes are dented
Will work with either a GT28 or GT30 (maybe others as well).
Wrapped with heat shielding.
Includes Turbo XS Type-H bov modified to be quiet.
Includes OEM Honda OBDI IAT sensor pre-installed.
Includes all couplers and clamps needed for install

Custom 3inch intake
with barb fitting for VC connection. Wrapped in thermal barrier wrap to keep temps down. Tube is a genuine Vibrant 3" mandrel bent aluminum pipe with a 3" inlet Fujita filter. Includes coupler to attach to turbo with 3" inlet (the GT3071)

Injector Dynamics 1000CC Fuel Injectors w/PNP clips.
these are the best in the business and idle great

XLR8 pod and gauges
XLR8 Gauge pod
innovate MTX wideband - pre-pinned for ECU connection and ECU ground. faster than the AEM UEGO
AEM Digital Boost Gauge
I have the white faces and silver bezels for both gauges if you'd prefer to change them.

Hondata boost solenoid
(not from hondata but same unit)
Boost solenoid pre-wired and ECU pinned for quick and easy installation. Includes inline fuse. This is PNP. This allows you to use the stock ECU as a boost controller when used with FlashPro

Hondata 4bar Map Sensor.
Hondata 4bar map, lets you have the real boost experience. You'll need this if you want to run more than 11psi of boost.

Greddy downpipe with heat sheild

this is the one that comes with a greddy kit, no cracks flows pretty decent for what it is.

MEGAN test pipe

this bolts up from the downpipe to exhaust, decent fitment once on, doesnt hit or rattle on anything.

NGK 9 plugs
i just put these in so they are as good as new

here are timestamp pics

here are some more pictures mostly during installs that way you guys can get a better idea of everything

heres the megan test pipe next to the stock cat

I want to thank Jay(mucter) for everything he has done for me and helped me with in the past two years, with out him none of this would have happened and its been the best experience ever. i WILL be going back to boost as soon as i am making the correct money again.

Price is $3,800 + shipping and includes everything you need.
just pm questions of any kind ;)

as soon as money is sent, i will immediately take the kit off the car and have it shipped out as soon as possible. via UPS

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Great kit, very solid and reputable buyer. Someone needs to get on this ASAP!