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04-08-2014, 12:49 AM
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For those of you who are interested in building or just fixing your harness, here comes the thread with knowledge I collected from vast information on the world wide web. This is not my due diligence as I just compiled the list. Credit goes where credit is due.

Disclaimer: None of the part numbers are Honda part numbers and you will not find it from them.

ECU Pinout and what they do
Credit: Hybrid Racing


You only need A,B, E for Manual. C, D are for Automatic ECUs

A and B is on the engine harness
E is on the dash harness
C, D on automatic dash harness

ECU Connectors
Credit: Scourge at k20a.org

31 PIN A: 1318682-6
24 PIN B: 353029-1
22 PIN C: 353028-1
17 PIN D: 353027-1
31 PIN E: 353826-1

again A, B, and E are just for manual.

ECU Wire Pins Part Numbers
Credit: Yasei at k20a.org

Large: 316838-1
Small: 316836-1

C101 Connector

Engine Side: F(6950-0981)
Dash Side: M(6950-0982)

C101 Connector Pins (Engine Side)

Large: F(8100-0606)
Small: F(8240-4422)

Disclaimer: I have not confirmed that these part numbers are accurate with the C101 plug and pins. I will update as soon as i can confirm.

Jumper Harness Connector Block
Credit: Scourge at k20a.org



Mil-spec Circular Connector for the die hards :)

Credit: ummmm not sure just kinda looked at pics and found it lol

Disclaimer: There are literally 1000s of pages of different Mil-Spec Connectors that all look familiar, I really suggest you learn the difference in the part numbers before making an order. There are guides that explain them and if I find the link i'll post it. This is a very common connector which is why I posted it.





Tools for Mil-Spec Connector



Turret Head for DMC AF8


If anyone has an issue with me posting their info, please let me know and i'll remove. Ill add more to the list as i find more part numbers for a full engine harness

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I think I know where this is going.

I'll be your guinea pig

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I think I know where this is going.

I'll be your guinea pig

no idea what you're talking about...

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hahaha I have a milspec plug at home. Thought about trying it myself but got scured lol

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hahaha I have a milspec plug at home. Thought about trying it myself but got scured lol

The thing that sucks about Mil-spec plugs.... the tool is 300 dollars :(