If these rules are not followed, your thread/post will be deleted without notification.

BoostedK20 Marketplace Forum Rules
Choose the appropriate Subject Prefix from the drop-down menu next to your Subject, followed by an appropriate Subject to verify what type of thread it is.

For example:
For Sale: Garrett GT4088R Turbo BNIB
For Trade: Vacuum Block

Please be as descriptive as possible in your sale posts. Price MUST be included in all for sale threads.

ALL threads in the Marketplace - Parts For Sale section must include AT LEAST ONE accurate picture of GOOD quality of the item(s) for each sale or trade. Blurry/low quality photos will not be accepted.

The picture must also include a legible sign with the following information:
  • Your User Name
  • BoostedK20.com
  • Date of Sale (same date as thread opening)

Photo Rules:
  • Photo(s) must be included at initial time of posting. No excuses.
  • Information must be separate and actually on a piece of paper. No picture editing allowed on top of your picture.
  • When a member is selling several items or multiple items, such as wheels or anything that goes in sets, pictures must be taken with each individual item by itself showing any and all damage.
  • Each and every part/cable/component that comes with item is required to be in the photo(s). The exception to that rule would be if the item(s) clearly specify that it is "unopened and sealed from the factory" (BNIB).

DO NOT post in a for sale thread unless YOU are interested in purchasing the item, or it is your for sale thread. This includes bumping a thread that is not yours and lowballing. However, if there is a problem with the FS/FT thread (such as a turbo/supercharger kit that actually produces less power than seller claims, incorrect product description, etc) then other members are allowed to post up to help rectify the problem.

If a seller is claiming ANY power made with their turbo/supercharger kit, they may be asked to produce a dyno sheet or dyno video showing power gains. If they are unable to produce either of these, power claims will be removed. NO EXCEPTIONS

**If we witness evidence of users spamming replies and posts just to get their post count up, they will be banned.**

Marketplace items must be for car use ONLY. Game systems and laptop computers are NOT acceptable items.

The OP(Original Poster) ONLY is allowed 3 bumps per day.

Testing Waters (TW) Threads are not allowed.

NO COMMERCIAL POSTING! The Marketplace - Parts For Sale section is for BoostedK20 members to trade and sell parts among each other. All commercial posts will be deleted and user is subject to account being banned. If you post more than one of the same item for sale that is considered selling for profit and will not be permitted. Any company interested in advertising their goods/services on BoostedK20 must contact a moderator and become a sponsor. Also, users are not allowed to sell items that are not theirs, such as selling for a friend.

Group Buys - Group Buys are considered to be commercial and ARE NOT allowed in Marketplace - Parts For Sale section. Only Sponsors can post this in their sponsor-specific threads in the Sponsor Area.

Post Your Price (firm or best offer). ABSOLUTELY NO Auction Type Sales! You must list your own prices in your Marketplace thread. No further explanation needed. Auction type posts will be removed and you will be flagged with a warning on your account.

No links to other websites of what you're selling. If you are selling something somewhere else, that is where it will stay.

Any sale rules must be posted by the seller when the thread is initially opened. You must have all the guidelines that pertain to the sale outlined in the first post when the thread is opened. This is to protect both the buyer and seller from ending up in a situation that is detrimental to both parties. Changing the rules of the sale after the thread has been started will result in immediate thread closure. No questions asked.

No public bid battles or price bashing! Sales are on a first-come first-serve basis. Do not reply to a post in a negative manner, including your same item at a cheaper price.

"Low Balling" in the Marketplace is not allowed. This includes comments on price, where to get it cheaper, or any inflammatory remarks.

Accepting deposits/payments - Due to complications in the past, we will not allow any transactions involving making payments, or deposits to hold an item from here on out. This is not only to protect the buyers from losing their hard-earned money in a sale gone wrong, but also to protect the sellers from entering a legal-binding agreement they didn't expect.

PayPal Policy:
If you are the seller - You must post a FIXED price. Any paypal fees associated by accepting money through their services must be absorbed by the user. Therefore, you cannot add an additional % fee for accepting PayPal per their terms of service, and breaking this can result in your PayPal account being closed.

4.6 No Surcharges. You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge and is not higher than the handling fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions.

New User Restriction - To protect our members from quick buck scammers, and to weed out commercial profit scrubs. you must have 25+ viable posts, and be a member for at least 20 days in order to sell or buy anything in the Marketplace - Parts For Sale section. If we witness evidence of a users spamming replies and posts just to get their post count up, they will be banned.

Close your thread once all items in your thread are sold! Go to the Moderation tab at the top, and choose 'Close Thread'.

We thank you for your cooperation. Keeping this forum clean will allow for a better experience for everyone.

By posting in the Marketplace, you understand and accept that BoostedK20.com/moderators/admins are in no way responsible for any transaction that takes place through this site.